It’s my wedding day.

Would it be me if I didn’t blog on my wedding day?

We made it!! It’s finally here! I’m currently sitting in my hotel room with my bridesmaids, waiting to have my hair done.

I don’t think I could describe my feelings right now even if I tried, but suffice to say that I am one happy girl at the moment. I love my family, I love my friends, and I know today is going to be amazing.

So there it is; my last single girl post. Bring on the new adventures.

There are no words

So, in an attempt to make up for the lack of blogging, I think I’ve been subconsciously trying to increase my social media use through other outlets. For example, I spent a good ten minutes this morning trying to think up a good tweet to describe how it feels to be five days out from The Big Day.

The problem? I need a bit more than 140 characters to describe that particular emotion. Suffice to say it’s somewhere squarely in between jump-up-and-down ecstatic and near-tears overwhelmed. I hate to sound so cliche, but I just want everything to be perfect, ya know?

Tonight we’re scoping out our photo spot, starting our table numbers, penalizing the seating chart, possibly picking our ceremony music, and making a comprehensive list of everything left to do. (Phew.)

My parents get in tomorrow, so I’m sure they’ll be helpful with any last-minute things. Any recently married folks out there have last-minute advice about things you forgot?

And sorry for all the wedding-related posts lately. You might say it’s the only thing I can think about these days.

Busy bee

Wow…I am kind of the worst blogger ever these days. Sorry, guys. To make it up to you, I promise to let YOU off the hook when your blogging all but ceases six days before your wedding.

Speaking of which, OH. MY. GOD.

I’m trying really hard not to get stressed or panicked or whatever as the days tick by, but I am starting to feel anxious. I just feel like there’s so much left to do!

Of course, there really isn’t. It’s mostly just a lot of coordination left. I have to make sure about 150 people are in the right places at the right times. That kind of pressure could stress even the coolest cucumber.

Which leads me to my new mantra: Not my problem.

This is my response to literally every issue/drama/whatever that I do not HAVE to deal with. I throw up my hands (sometimes…sayin ayyy-oh! …Anyone? No? Moving in.) in a “stop right there!” kind of gesture, roll my eyes, and say firmly, “Not my problem.”

Because lawdy y’all, I’ve got enough to worry about. Like, you know, keeping up with this blog.

Oh yeah, and the marriage thing too.