Who are you? Who, who?

Wow, aren’t you guys so tired of hearing about my wedding/honeymoon? Well, I promise I only have one more post in the works on the topic, and then I’ll be done. (Though no promises I’ll never mention it again…I’ve heard this “marriage” thing is going to be a big factor in my life.)

So tune in tomorrow for a little wedding recap. Photos and video will be provided!

For now, I’d like to try a little experiment. Two days ago my blog topped out at over 300 page views in a day. This is incredibly flattering, and I would love to get an idea of who all you super star readers are.

Now, I know the regulars (my dad, friends, etc.), but if you have never commented on a post, do me a favor and introduce yourself! If we’re not personally buddies, how did you find me?

I’m really just curious, so if no one replies, I won’t be offended. Just thought I’d ask. And, seriously, thanks for reading. It means a lot.

Ok, I’m going to cut it short here. Lord knows I’ve inundated you with enough long posts lately, and another is on its way tomorrow. Take care til then!

9 thoughts on “Who are you? Who, who?

  1. Hello. My name is Melanie. It’s nice to meet you. I found you by way of your Knottie Diaries blog. I am getting married in September 2011 and have become quite addicted to reading blogs. I started my own earlier this year, though I am still getting the hang of it. I have all my degrees in psychology–not a lot of creative writing in that field. 🙂

  2. can’t wait to see your wedding recap chica!!! no really. i can’t wait. i hope all other readers feel the same!

    p.s. i think you know i read religiously, but in case you didn’t…

  3. I know I’m pretty much a stranger now…. finals, sob. BUT, I’m done Friday and I am using the anticipation of an epic phone conversation with you to get me through the week. Or we could even get super crazy and Skype. I know, the possibilities. Endless. Anywho. Let’s make it happen! 🙂

  4. I’m Erin.

    I discovered your blog when I decided I wanted us to be great friends. Are you familiar with a school publication called Drake Magazine?


  5. Hello my name is sam. Before I introduce myself I always ask what 5 qualities people look for in someone of the opposite gender. No for reals…I do that with everyone. Don’t think your special. Everyone got asked that. They just won’t tell you they did. But they lie.

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