The Little Wife

I’ve been rather domestic lately. I can’t imagine why…maybe it’s the whole marriage/setting up a home thing.

And even though I’ve cooked quite a few meals since I’ve been.back, up until now I’ve forgotten to document them for a Kitchen Adventure. Lucky for you, though, last night I remembered.

I made a tortellini with a sauce similar to Mama Blanchard’s Famous Peppers and Ham Cream Sauce (as I have decided to dub it). The main differences were that I used tortellini instead of penne, skipped the ham, and sauteed the veggies instead of roasting.

I call it the lazy girl’s version. And you know what? Still pretty darn tasty. Here are a few shots:




The best part? The leftovers make a nom-worthy (and budget friendly) lunch for today.

It’s good to be lazy.