Wedding Recap

So…in all the excitement of coming back from the honeymoon, I completely forgot to tell you about the wedding!

Odds are, most of you already know me in real life and were there and/or are friends with me on Facebook, so you probably have a pretty good idea what it was like, but for the 2% of my readership who just happen to find me interesting despite not being an active part of my life, here’s a snapshot.

I know almost every bride thinks her wedding day was awesome, but…well, mine was just perfect. I mean, stuff went wrong and there were the annoying things you have to do, but when I think back on it, there was just so much good.

I woke up the morning-if at exactly 7 a.m. I had set my alarm for another hour and a half later, but my body was operating on wedding time now. I was so. Freaking. Excited. After forcing myself to eat some toast, the day started with hair and makeup for the girls. My sister-in-law did almost everyone’s looks (shameless plug for her salon here!), and we all left the hotel looking mighty attractive.

Then my favorite parts started. First, there was the first look for Joey and me. I was so excited to see him, and he looked so good. Our fabulous photographer and videographer were in hand to capture the whole thing ( and seriously, these guys are AMAZING. I’m not just saying that. They travel, too, so if you’re looking, hire them. They’re also positively delightful in person.), and then we did our bridal party pictures.



Then it was ceremony time. I know the ceremony can be kind of boring when it’s not your wedding. But this was honestly my favorite part of the day. It was just really…meaningful, I guess. I cried like a baby, but only because he started it. Sigh, husbands, right?

After that, we were married! That’s the craziest part. It’s like, one second, single. The next, poof, married! Crazy in a good way. After the obligatory family photos, it was party time.

We tried really hard to make sure we enjoyed our reception, but it is a little challenging. Everyone wants to talk or take a picture with you or, ahem, take a shot with you, but you also have speeches and table visits and to spend time with relatives and friends who came all this way. It’s a bit much.

But I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life so far. There was so much love and happiness around me the whole day. Sorry to be a mush, but I can’t help but get all goo-goo eyed when I talk about it.

Feel free to check out Megan’s blog for more photos and AJ’s site for the video clip (links above) if you need more. Hard to believe we’vr already been hitched for a month! Here’s hoping for a lot more “one of the best days of our lives.”