Growing up and getting dumber

So, I kind of think I have earned me a high five. The LIRR has been a total shambles this week due to an Amtrak derailment in the tunnel (two things: 1. Amtrak is also now on my poop list, and 2. Can we please start being more careful in the tunnel? It’s kind of important. Apparently most derailments are actually a result of the track breaking down, but can we please maintain the tunnel??). As a result, all of my usual trains were canceled.

SuPeR fUn!!!

Except not. But I didn’t whine to you guys at all! Maturity. (Or a sense of resignation. You be the judge.)

In other news, I started reading through some old posts, and I discovered there are a LOT more grammatical/spelling/word errors since I started writing posts on my phone. Like, an embarrassing number. And the worst is when it’s right in the middle of a joke because, for me at least, an error takes me right out of the story and ruins any potential wittiness. But props to you guys for not being like, “Hey! Hey, ‘editor’! Howsabout you get some brains?!” (Bonus props if you get that reference…)

So anyway, I’m going to make more of am effort to self-edit before posting. Because I promise, it’s not me. Nine times out of ten it’s autocorrect. But still, shameful.

But I’m not going to let it bring me down. The trains are running again, it’s Friday, tonight is date night, and I have a fun weekend ahead. It’s the little things.

2 thoughts on “Growing up and getting dumber

  1. I stopped offering editing suggestions after such responses as, “Ha, Ha, gee, thanks Dad…” So I am glad that the quality control portion of your brain has now kicked in, what with my being at least as compulsive!

  2. Ugh, I totally know what you mean! (Un)fortunately I live with my personal editor. Apparently grammar and proper spelling are important to my little thespian šŸ™‚

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