Not ready yet

Overslept this morning. Fortunately, I have developed the ability to scramble myself together in about four minutes over years of occasional oversleeping, so I made the train. But I’m not gonna win any beauty pageants today, knowatimesayin?

Joey and I were discussing this weekend how much better our lives would be if we only had one more day of weekend. We could get so much done with just 24 more hours. Plus, doesn’t a four-three work week-weekend ratio just sound so much more fair?


Speaking of things that aren’t fully ready, the apartment is coming along nicely! Not that I’m going to show you pictures yet (it’s not that nice yet). Right now it sort of looks like our last few boxes exploded all over everything. Lovely. But the pretty apartment is under the rubble somewhere…

We had the brilliant idea to invite about ten people over the Sunday of Memorial Day, so that’s my deadline. Here’s hoping the pressure will keep me motivated.

I will leave you with one photo, just so I’m not a total tease. Enjoy!