I edit because I care

I’ve realized that I do something kind of weird. Well, weird for the average person. Maybe less weird for a blogger.

Anyway, I noticed that any time something happens to me (seriously, pretty much anything), I start drafting a blog post about it in my head. Almost without realizing it.

Now this is a bit odd, but it’s also helpful. Mostly for you. Because three out of four times, it’s this little test run that makes me realize this post would not be a good idea. It would be uncomfortable. Or self-absorbed (more than normal). Or just really boring.

Because I mean, seriously, I could talk about my new file organizing system for days (it has files and subfiles. And I won’t let Joey write out the tabs because I want the “font” to be the same. And I’m insane.), but let’s face it; there is just no way you care. (Unless you do? In which case, I’ll just be sitting here waiting for the green light for the subfiles. Aaany day now…)

Sometimes I worry that one of these days I’ll get waaaay too comfortable with you guys and let something a bit too awkwardly personal into the blog. Like, I don’t know, something about bodily functions. Or…something.

See? Even now I’m awkward about the discussion. Maybe my quick-draw sense of embarrassment will be my saving grace.

The point is, when I don’t post for a while, maybe I’m doing it for your protection. Maybe I’m just thinking of you. Maybe I just care too much, ok?

You’re welcome.

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