Days of our lives

I hate when I get mixed up about what day it is. You would think this would be something fairly easy to keep track of without glancing at a calendar every few hours, but you would be wrong.

Each day has a certain feel to it. Monday is a little sleepy, a little more resigned; you have the whole work week left to go, so better settle in.

Wednesday is a turning point. Get through Wednesday, and you’re going to make it the rest of the week.

Thursday is useless. It’s so close to Friday, but in reality you know you have two more days (counting Thursday), so it’s restless.

And Friday…Friday is just good. You’ve made it. No one is that driven on Friday, so the whole thing is a bit more relaxed. Plus, it just feels optimistic because you still have the ENTIRE weekend spread out before you.

I know I skipped Tuesday. I associate Tuesday with meeting and Chilis Tuesday, so…my feelings about it probably aren’t as universal.

The issue comes when you wake up on Wednesday feeling restless, and spend most of the day operating as if it’s Thursday. Or keep thinking Tuesday is Monday because you had a three-day weekend. It throws everything off and makes planning even the simplest thing a challenge.

This week I’m all kinds of thrown off. Yesterday I kept thinking it was already Thursday. Then this morning I randomly woke up at three in the morning to go to the bathroom, and as I was settling back in bed, my only cognizant thought was, “At least it’s Saturday.. wait no, Friday.”

Guess what. It’s Thursday. All day long. And you know how I feel about Thursday.

So I’ll probably spend the rest of today reminding myself that the weekend does not start tomorrow morning. Maybe I should investigate in some “days of the week” underwear to keep it all straight.