Hot, hot, hot

I had a whole other idea for today’s post, but something else happened that I feel is a bit more topical.

So we don’t have central air in our apartment, and the last couple of nights we’ve just been sweating it out through this freak heat wave we’ve been having.

The ironic thing is that we actually got an air conditioner (Joey’s old one from his parents), we just couldn’t set it up yet because it didn’t quite fit in the alotted slot in our bedroom. (There’s also a slot in the living room, but we’ll have to buy an air conditioner for out there. We decided the bedroom was priority.) To make it fit, we needed all kinds of sealing foam and a screen to keep anything from the outside world from crawling in.

Then yesterday, my darling of a husband went to a supply store and bought three different kinds of foam and a screen.

“We will not sleep without air conditioning again,” he texted me triumphantly.

If anyone has never had the joy of sleeping without air conditioning during 90-degree temperatures, allow me to paint a picture for you:

The air around you is wet and thick, clinging to everything — your skin, your hair, your bed sheets — not unlike how I imagine the rainforest. Any kind of cover feels like too much, yet (for me at least) it’s hard to sleep totally uncovered.

Everything feels damp, and if you’re lucky enough to actually sleep through the night (which you probably won’t because it’s too hot to sleep), you’re still going to wake up sweaty. You can’t feel rested because you spent most of the night tossing and turning discomfort.

So last night we set the thing up. Joey did most of the work, with me holding things up and overseeing the foam placement (I really don’t want any holes).

Finally it was done. We clicked it on, shut the door, and went to make dinner. After we ate, we tentatively went to check on the progress.

You know that feeling you get when you’re walking outside on a really hot day, and then you finally get to your destination? You step inside, and a wave of cool air washes over you, and suddenly you forget how hot you were. That was exactly what it was like stepping into our bedroom.

We’d had plans to watch a movie, but we wouldn’t bring ourselves to leave this refreshing cave we’d built for ourselves. We went to sleep at ten o’clock.

And when I tell you I slept the deepest sleep of my life last night, I’m not exaggerating. I woke up with a sleep hangover — it took me about five minutes to get my contacts case open.

All I wanted to do was dive back under the covers (that I actually needed).

The difference between our bedroom and the rest of the apartment was so stark, leaving the room was like stepping outside from a meat locker. And I loved it.

We’re only going to have that unit on while we sleep. Once we get a bigger one for the living room, that will be our primary source of cool air. Fortunately, we both work full time, so both units will only run a few hours a day during the week.

And what glorious hours they shall be.