Not telling

So you remember how I’m not too keen on sharing really personal issues/inner turmoil? I mean, I know there are people out there who obviously don’t mind (anyone remember LiveJournal? That site made me prejudiced against blogs for a really long time…), but I just think it’s kind of inappropriate. Besides, you don’t come to this blog for my trials and tribulations. You come to read funny stories about my awkwardness and to look at pictures of what I had for dinner. (Right?)

But this can present a problem. When, for example, something I don’t feel like sharing with the world is all I can think about, it becomes pretty darn hard to come up with anything to write about. I mean, this is technically a blog about my life — what’s a girl to do when life is more tumultuous?

So the regularity of posting suffers. And you suffer. (Again, right, guys? …guys?)

So I guess I’m just asking for a bit of patience through the lean times. I promise to be back full force as soon as I get my mess sorted out.

Or, you know, whatever level of force I was before.