Karate Chop’t

I don’t want to say I’m enslaved to my habits, but let’s put it this way: Every Friday is Chop’t Friday.

You already know about Chili’s Tuesday, so I guess I can’t hide anymore. Actually, you should probably be impressed that I only associate two of my days with specific meals.

In general, I bring my lunch every day. It’s usually a turkey and provolone sandwich or wrap, unless we happen to have leftovers, in which case I bring those. Now, not to knock my sandwiches, but there is really nothing exciting about turkey and cheese on whole wheat. I mean, sometimes I’ll dress it up with hummus or bell pepper slices or something, but usually it’s just something I eat because it’s quick, inexpensive, and reasonably healthy.

Until Friday.

I don’t know why I picked Friday as my treat day. According to my friend James’s (extensive) lunch philosophy, I should have picked Thursday, but I’m happy at the end of the week. I like to couple a good mood with good food.

So every Friday around 12:30 I walk the two-and-a-half blocks to Chop’t.

There is usually an insane line. Seriously. Tourists passing by start looking around for celebrities or something, because there is no way there are this many people in line for a salad.

I, for one, am never deterred by the line. Heck, the ten minutes I stand on the sidewalk might be the only time I’m out in the sunshine all day. It’s pleasant.

Besides, it’s Chop’t Friday. If you’re not ready to commit, you get out of the line. The more dedicated among us won’t miss you.

You’d probably think a restaurant that sells only salads (and salad wraps) would be filled with 99% gaunt upper east side dames, but, surprisingly, the gender divide is about 50-50. Dudes can like lettuce too.

Plus, Chop’t has that whole Chipotle thing going on where almost everything is organic and they claim to know every farmer they use personally and blah blah blah. I mean, I haven’t done any research to verify if it’s true or not. But I like thinking it is. Ohh, Americans!

Finally, there’s the salad itself.

You guys. It is so good. Seriously. I get the Santa Fe. Every Friday. Because it is so good.

Couple that with the little show you get watching them chop up the ingredients and death defying speeds, and it’s basically the perfect lunch.

Did anyone else just drool on the screen? Just me? Awkward…

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