Roll with the punches

I’m a sucker for a punch card.

You know, those little business cards companies hand out to encourage loyalty, i.e. for every ten smoothies you buy, you get a free smoothie.

Um, hi. Greatest business strategy ever. Because even if I wasn’t planning on ever buying another smoothie after the first one, welp, I’m buying nine more now. (And taking that eleventh one free of charge, a-thank you.) And guess what? I’m not even mad you just tricked me into buying nine smoothies. Heck, I’m grateful.

Not surprisingly, this is part of the reason why I love Chop’t. Last week was free salad day (in my world…because my punch card was full), and it was the most glorious of days.

Then today, I was having a crazy carb craving (get alliteration’d) all day, and over my lunch break, I happened to come across a Crumbs. A squared + B squared = C squared.

As I was paying for my gargantuan baked good and latte, I noticed a little box of cards decorated with ten coffee cups sitting on the counter.

I think you know where I’m going with this.

Not only does ten coffee purchases get you a free coffee beverage AND a free cupcake of your choice, but it also turns out that an espresso purchase earns you TWO punches. (To the card…it’s not my older brother running the show back there…)

I think we all know where I will be procuring my coffee from now on. And unlike my salads, I buy coffee a bit more than once a week, so I have a hunch I’ll be racking up freebies a little quicker.

It’s good to be punched.