Let me tell YOU something…

I was thinking today about anonymous blogs. Obviously, mine isn’t one. I mean, you know my name. And my husband’s name. And with a bit of detective work, you could probably figure out my married name. And with even less detective work, you could figure out my maiden name. And you know exactly what I look like.

Pros: I’m a writer, so I’ve never really hidden from what I’ve written (almost rhyme!). And I like you guys knowing that I’m a real person with real moments, lest you think I make this stuff up.

Cons: I can’t always say exactly what I want to say. Words have consequences. And in this case, my consequences are part of a two-year writing exercise plastered on the internets for all to see.

Sure, I can mock the LIRR and whine about bugs, but it’s not like I can air every grievance that pops into my head. I mean, do you know how many posts about work I have drafted, perfected, and then tossed, all in my head? (Because if there is one thing Facebook and Twitter have taught us, it’s that your employer and every future employer you will ever have are on Facebook and Twitter. Waiting for you.)

A good friend (whom I’m not going to name this time, just in case this project plays out) and I were discussing this the other day, when I told her I have this idea to start a blog called What I Would Have Said (If I Wasn’t Concerned About Losing My Job). I may have registered the blog name in case I get really ambitious.

It would be all submission-based, and all anonymous, all the time. Heck, I’ll even edit it for you and remove any details I determine to be too incriminating.

But then I got distracted before I could work out exactly how I would solicit these submissions. And what if they weren’t funny? I’ve had a few rants in my head that just ended up being kind of sad and whiny — what if they’re all like that?

So the idea is on hold. (Unless you have a really good submission…then send it my way and you can be the inaugural post!)

Guess it’s back to passive aggressive tweets and snarky emails to my husband.