On Chili’s Tuesday

“The chips are good tonight; warm…not too salty. It’s going to be a good night.”


On things that bug us

Joey: i’m looking around online for info on getting rid of house centipedes and this one website is basically all pro’s as to why they’re more of a help than a harm
cause they eat spiders, earwigs etc..
sorry, not sold
“House centipedes clearly have some benefits due to their diet of other insects. Some people think they’re nice to have around for that very reason, and if you’re one of them you can celebrate EcoSMART’s 15 years of success by counting your house centipedes’ 15 pairs of legs and tossing confetti.”

Me: ughhh
the words “counting your house centipede’s legs” made me throw up in my mouth a little bit

By any other name

There are currently two giant (dead) centipedes in my vacuum. And I washed one I found in the bathtub down the drain yesterday morning.

Why is this happening?? Is there any way to protect ourselves from invasion? Because, tell you what, the most recent little demon was juuuust inside our bedroom door when he met his demise. That’s about a million times too close.

Anyway. Ugh.

So speaking of things that bug me (get it????), I’ve begun the tiresome process of legally changing my last name. And hoo-boy.

First off, have you ever stopped to think how many things have your name on them? I mean, Facebook and Gmail. Fine, done. But then there’s my license, my social security card, my passport, my bank accounts, and every credit/debit card ever. Plus my direct deposit at work (they actually just put me down as the new name for almost everything when I started the new job, but the bank stuff had to wait until I could change the name on the account. Which I can’t do without at least a license with the new name. Which I couldn’t do without our marriage license.)

And that right there is the real rub: You can’t change one thing until you change something else, which you can’t change until you say something else. It’s…a process.

So far, I have my marriage license (which had to be corrected). Today I’m making a copy so Joey can add me to his insurance, then I have to send the original to the social security office so they can send me a new card (they return the marriage license). Then it’s off to the DMV. And finally it will be time for the bank.

I guess I should probably change it on our apartment lease, too. I’m putting off the passport since, as memory serves, it was a pain last time.

Though I am kind of excited about getting new ID photos. My passport one is ok, but I’m blatantly 15. My driver’s license photo is…well, I was going to the gym after, the camera was on the desk at my waist level (I was standing), and they didn’t tell me when they were taking it. Ergo, I look frumpy, fat, and angry. Not exactly flattering.

But soon that will all be amended.

It will be a little weird to officially have a new name. The new signature will be the hardest part, I think. Oh well, I like new beginnings.

Besides, I like the symbolism of becoming one family and all that. I’m kind of in to my husband, if you hadn’t guessed. Plus, you know I’m bound to get a good post out of the trip to the DMV. It’s impossible not to.