Do it for me

I am not a lazy person. Ninety percent of the time, I’m bustling around getting sterf done. That being said, there is nothing better than paying other people to do things for you.

My friend Heather and I were at Chili’s (on Tuesday…obviously) eating large house salads (it’s not in the menu.Manny is good to us), when she said in a happy, sing-song voice, “I looove salads that someone else made for me!”

And it’s so true. All food is better when someone else makes it. I demonstrated this for Joey one night. He just wanted a turkey and cheese sandwich for dinner one night. So I said I would make it for him.

“You don’t have to make it,” he said. “It’s just a sandwich.”

“Everything is better when someone else makes it,” I told him. And later, as he nommed my lovingly prepared meal, he had to agree.

Heck, this theory is a big part of Chop’t Friday.

So yesterday I did (or rather, had someone else do) something that I’ve been tempted to do many times, but always chickened out of because I didn’t want to think of myself as that kind of girl.

I paid someone to wash and dry my hair.

I mean, it’s a legitimate salon service; it’s called a blowout. (I know. And yes, it does sound like that. But it’s not.)

And, you guys. I love being that girl. Because I got a scalp massage and had someone play with my hair for an hour. I love having someone play with my hair.

When I was done, it was smooth and shiny and bouncy and totally ready for my intern reunion.


Yup, another sketchy picture I took of myself at work. No one saw…but that doesn’t really make it less shameful, does it?

I’ve decided that if I’m ever a millionaire, my biggest indulgence will be hiring someone to do my hair and makeup every day. And a lot of designer hand bags. Because I’m a millionaire, after all.

So maybe I’m a little lazy. But I like to think all my running around like a crazy person has earned a little bit of lazy bliss.

2 thoughts on “Do it for me

  1. I completely agree. This is why I tell Dan he has to get famous. And soon. But I want shoes rather than bags 😉

  2. I’d add daily full body message’s with skin enhancing oils, but maybe that’s just me.

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