Tidbits to look forward to

So, apparently I caused a bit of a stir amongst some of my friends last week with my Friday post.

As my friend Annie said, “You know every time now you say you have a ‘surprise’ or an ‘announcement’ everyone is going to assume prego.”

Um, no, I did NOT know that.

Sorry for the stir. Not pregnant. I actually got my period a week early this month. Like my body was saying, “We’re good!” and flashing me a cheerful thumbs up. (TMI? You don’t like knowing what my body is saying to me? Deal with it.)

Annnyywaayyysss…I guess the surprise actually isn’t all THAT exciting. I went blonde this weekend. (What? You’re tired of hearing about my hair color? Then you’re really at the wrong blog.)

Ta daaaaa!


In other not-related-to-my-body news, the month of July is going to rule hardcore. Like, seriously. Here’s a snapshot of what I’m up to during my birth month:

Today is our two-year dating anniversary. To celebrate, we’re using a free dinner and hotel stay that we won a while back (I just tried to find a past post where I referenced this and came up with nothing. Did I seriously not tell everyone about that? You know I love winning things. Oh well…) this Saturday. I’m twice as excited because I just looked up the hotel and they have a pool and a hot tub and a gym and we can use all of it. So Saturday we’ll go to service in the morning, then head over in the afternoon, lounge about the pool before enjoying our free dinner and room. Not bad at all.

Then Monday we have OFF WORK (M’erica).

Then Wednesday I get to enjoy my date-iversary present.

I got Joey a juicer for our 2-year. But not just any juicer. We had registered for a juicer, and I have to say it was one of two things Joey actually cared about us getting. The juicer was to Joey as the mixer was to me. (Get alliteration’d). But, alas, we did not receive a juicer. (Say “juicer” again.) And in the crush of “we just got married and need to buy these other things” spending, it was put on the back burner. Joey never complained, but I know he really wanted it. So that’s what he got!

He got ME tickets to see Jersey Boys! I have wanted to see this for over two years, so I’m pretty stoked. I would say we were both equally excited about our presents, so that’s a pretty good exchange.

Anyway, we’re seeing the show Wednesday. Yay!

Then NEXT Saturday, we’re going on a dress-up dinner cruise with all our friends out here. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Give me an excuse to dress up and dance, and I’ll take it every time. So I’m pretty stoked.

Then the following weekend, we’re going to Cleveland for my cousin’s graduation party and getting my bedroom furniture from my parents. Roadtrip to middle America! Lurrrves it.

Then two weekends after THAT, I’m going to Iowa for my friends’ wedding and turning 24. Insane.

So…yeah. July rules. Expect a lot more picture posts next month!