On the road again

I think everyone knows a couple who would be really good on The Amazing Race. For me, it’s Brett and Heather.

We always say that Brett is good at everything a husband is “supposed” to be good at, and Heather at everything a wife should know how to do. Between the two of them, I’m pretty sure they could tackle any challenge and navigate even the remotest area. Second place would go to Bill and Megan, because the two of them love travel, but I’m pretty sure they would drag their feet a little to try to experience each place more.

I have no idea how we would do. I’ve never really considered myself cut out for that show. I don’t like to be rushed, for one, and I too would like to actually be able to enjoy the city and country I’m in. Joey would probably fare better at physical challenges, but I think we would both get exhausted. On the other hand, we’re pretty good at getting along while we’re traveling and even when there’s nothing to do, so maybe we would be too boring for reality TV.

I guess I’m thinking about this because Joey and I are taking our first road trip this weekend. And not just any road trip; a 9-hour car ride to see my family.

I think we’ll be just fine. I like road trips, and like I said, we have a good time even when we’re not doing anything. These are useful skills in a road trip situation.

Hopefully I’ll get some good quotes on the open road to share with y’all. Happy trails!