Morning Glory

Oh. My. God.

I just overslept TWO HOURS. Let that sink in. Two. Hours. I could have watched four sitcoms. Attended a hockey game. Or, you know, gotten to work on time with coffee and breakfast.

This are bad, folks.

For some reason, my alarm didn’t go off (even though I’ve triple-checked it, and there is no reason why not), and Joey never turned his phone on last night, thereby erasing my backup alarm, which only gets me up ten minutes before I have to leave, but it works in a pinch.

My first thought upon waking up naturally was, “Hmm…seems a might bit sunny for 5:30 in the morning…?”

It was too sunny. Because it was 7:51.

I guess, on one hand, my body must have needed the rest. But on the other, holy heck, who put you in charge, body?? There’s a reason why my consciousness runs the show. It’s because you obviously can’t be trusted to make the responsible decisions. The decisions that keep us in house and home!!

So anyway. I’m on the train now, but I’ll still be an hour late. And I look like…not good because I literally threw on a dress, stuck in my contacts and fled out the door to catch said train.

Sounds like a great start to a day, right?

Meh. How much would I have to pay someone to bring me a latte and a smoothie and have it waiting at my desk? Hmm?