Making tracks

In the wild, I don’t think I would be good at tracking anything. I’m a fairly observant person, but unless I had a clear set of footprints to follow (or, you know, bright red arrows or something), I’m pretty sure I would dismiss broken branches and such (it’s the wild — branches break out here…?).

Which is why I love technology that enables me to track anything.

One time, I visited my friend Annie in D.C. for the weekend. Late one night, we decided to order a pizza from Dominoes, because we had heard you could order their pizza online (plus, we wanted pizza). When we got to the website, it turned out they were running some kind of promotion (I think it had something to do with Dark Knight…) where after you ordered your pie, you could literally track it from the oven to your door.

You guys. I am not even slightly exaggerating when I say this mesmerized us. Our eyes did not leave the screen, except to shout occasionally, “It’s baking right now!” “It’s enroute!” “It’s one mile away as we speak!!!

We hasn’t simply ordered a pizza; we had ordered an adventure. With cheese!

This is also why I’m obsessed with tracking numbers on shipments. Anytime I order something online (which is fairly often), I always feel more actively involved in the purchase when I type in that number and find out it left two days ago and is due in my hands on Tuesday.

So maybe I’m not going to catch an outlaw or chase down a rabbit. I can settle for knowing exactly when my new wallet will grace my doorstep.

In fact, I don’t think that’s settling at all.