Perfect moments

You’ll have to forgive me if you’ve got a weak stomach, but I’m about to serve up some mush in the blog this morning.

You know when you have a perfect moment? I mean when all of your senses are experiencing something pleasant, and maybe you can think of some really awesome things to be doing right then, but you would much, much prefer to be where you are.

I do this thing where I try to burn those moments into my brain so I can’t forget them. I’ll consciously recognize every sensory experience, cataloging it and then trying to capture it in a memory. So when things aren’t so good, I can dig through my file of perfect moments for something to get me through.

Last night, Joey decided to surprise me with a special dinner spot. As the car raced along the highway through the twilight, he held my hand, Snow Patrol played on the stereo, and the wind whipped through my hair carrying the salty sweet smell of the ocean. I felt relaxed, loved, and happy. It was, quite simply, perfect.

Of course, in about ten minutes a car of teenagers swerved in front of us, causing Joey to drop my hand and maneuver the car around them, breaking the spell a bit. But that’s why it’s a perfect moment. And honestly, I think the brevity is a big part of what makes them easier to remember.

So anyway, I feel like a post a lot of whining on here, so there’s something positive. Plus, I might be a little sentimental because I’m leaving the hubster behind for the weekend.

But I’m sure he’ll have plenty of perfect moments waiting for me when I get back.


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  1. Sheesh, what a way to put a lot of pressure on a guy… One special moment at a time 😉 Don’t over work that Kindle on your trip!

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