License to name

Ohh the DMV. Non-stop thrills, amiright?

After today, I will officially have my married name on all important documents. It’s a little crazy.

Actually, what’s crazy is how not weird it is. I guess I’ve always planned on changing my last name when/if I got married. No offense to the old name, it just never felt like me. (Whatever that means…)

Not that my new name is super “me” or anything. It just has a lot more emotional attachment. Two people uniting as one flesh and all that. I like that Joey and I are a family in every way now. (Not that you need the same last name to be family. Heck, two of my brothers had a different last names from my old name. And now I have a different name from all of them. I’m speaking in a symbolic sense, I guess.)

The point is, it took me a really short amount of time to become comfortable with getting called by a new name. In fact, last night someone accidentally called me by the old one and I actually had this moment of, “oh yeahhh, they used to call me that!”

In short, it really just isn’t me anymore at all.

And now I’m getting my new license, and later I’m mailing away for my new passport. It’s a little weird to poof be someone new, but I’m excited too.

Plus, that old license picture really needed to die.