Times of our lives

Welp, July is over and done with. It was a pretty great month, though!

This last weekend I went to my high school friends’ wedding (to each other) and got to see family and friends.

Ignore my friend's dad looking so distraught.
Then I turned 24. So I now look like this.

"Get off my lawn!"

I kid, I kid. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t really freak about getting older. Although I haven’t technically started falling apart yet…so…I guess we’ll see.

Seeing my high school friends was cool and weird at the same time. Cool because they’re pretty cool people, but weird because this was the first time I went home and actually felt like people were different. More grown up. Adults.

I mean, we all pretty much have jobs (or are in law school). And not even just jobs. We have careers.

Now that someone (besides me) is married, I feel like that particular ball ain’t gonna stop rolling until everyone is hitched, and soon. I mean, several are in serious relationships, some have been ring shopping, and heck, they’re actually trying to catch the bouquet.

You would think that I of all people would not be weirded out by adulthood. I think it’s just that you expect and get used to certain things from your friends. These are the kids I spent every night of summer with, playing Mario Party or playingdominating in whiffle ball. Now they’re marrying? And (gasp) possibly having children in the (nearish) future?

Too weird.

But still…good. Nice.

Ok, but still weird.

I guess what (I think) I’m saying is, I’m happy for my friends. Proud of them. Proud of us.