So sleepy. So boring.

I am so unbelievably tired.

That has sort of been the theme for the week (also, the excuse I’m going to use for the lull in posting). I still haven’t entirely recovered from my weekend of hustle, but hopefully this weekend will bring about some more opportunities for sleep.

I also officially started my half marathon training, which I’m sure only contributed to the sleepiness. Thank goodness today is a rest day AND a short day at work.

After all the excitement of last month, August feels much quieter. This weekend we have a couple of concerts we’re going to, but then next weekend is going to be the APARTMENT CLEANING EXTRAVAGANZA (I know, it’s like I’m giving you a present). This is mostly important because a) I don’t enjoy living in my own mess and b) we have company staying with us the following two weekends.

So maybe August isn’t exactly quiet.

At least we don’t have to do any traveling. Our next get-on-a-plane trip will be in October for the sister’s wedding.

Ugh, I really have nothing to say. Sorry. Hopefully I’ll get some exciting topics over the weekend.

Have a great weekend!

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