Running, running and running, running

So I survived the first week of (half) marathon training. Full disclosure: I had to skip the first run because the LIRR was jacked up on Monday (per usual). But yet again, I didn’t whine to you guys. #Thisiswhatmaturitylookslike

Hashtags in blog posts? I spend too much time on social media? Moving on.

I will also be skipping one of my runs this week due to prior plans, but I’m not too worried about it. It’s a shorter run anyway. I’m getting a little nervous about Saturday’s run, which is a 5-miler. I’ve never run more than four miles at one time, so this will be uncharted territory. (Though at the end of the last couple of 4-milers, I haven’t felt like I was going to drop over dead, so I think it will all be fine.)

The biggest difference I’ve noticed so far is that I’m STARVING for about 48 hours after my long run. Like, cannot get full not matter what I eat. I have to remind myself to take it easy, lest I cancel out all this calorie burning with some overboard noshing.

I don’t know why my posts have been so rare/boring lately (as opposed to their usual awesomeness)…I’ve been reading a lot lately (courtesy of the new Kindle), so I guess I’ve been spending less time thinking up my own literary topics.

Meh, who knows. It’s probably some kind of phase. Or maybe I’m just one of those boring old married people now. Either way, my apologies.

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  1. I remember Shana saying the same thing about being starving when she was training. She felt like she ate more.

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