What did you learn today?

Remember my (world-renowned, widely beloved) Life Lessons?

I’m not even bragging when I say they were widely beloved. Strangers (well…pseudo strangers…people I barely knew, anyway) used to come up to me to tell me that they followed them religiously, and if they saw that they had missed one, they would dig through my Twitter feed to see what I had learned. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve gotten that much mileage out of something I’ve written, well, ever.

The point is, from time to time I’ve considered bringing them back. Originally, it was sort of a “Graduate’s Guide to Making it in New York.” I decided to end it when I got my first real job (I guess that meant I had “made it”?), but ended up tacking on a few more at the end to leave it at a round 160 Life Lessons.

Since then, I’ll occasionally think up a Married Life Lesson, or even more recently, Corporate Life Lessons.

For example:

Corporate Life Lesson #6: If your superiors come to you and request a powerpoint that is “hip,” “edgy,” or “modern,” just make the background black. Works. Every. Time.

I just tested this theory again, and my boss literally just stared at my computer screen making “oh yeah, oh YEAH, it’s so much better!” noises. (Yes, it was mildly uncomfortable.)

I guess the reason why I stop myself from making the Lesson official again is because…it’s been done? I don’t know. Maybe it was only cool two years ago (yeesh, I’m old).

Would reviving the Life Lessons be like slapping a black background on a standard powerpoint, or would people like to see them again?

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  1. I recognize my opinion doesn’t really count, but go for it! The marriage angle has a lot of potential.

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