The Nest

Remember when I first got married and was OBSESSED with putting together our apartment?

Welp, the nesting bug is back and in full force.

I’m not entirely sure what brought it on, but I have a feeling my new love affair with home improvement blogs isn’t helping.

I swear, I could lose myself in those things for hours. People are just so darn crafty! It makes me wish I had taken wood shop class so I could finale a jigsaw, or at the very least pursued home ec for another semester in middle school (never learned how to use a sewing machine…it is one of my top five biggest regrets).

But what I really, REALLY wish? That I could just paint my apartment.

Do you have any idea the kind of transformation you can bring about with just a couple coats of paint?? According to the dozens of “before and after” posts I’ve been inhaling, you will basically end up with a brand new room.

My wish list for our next apartment now looks like this:

1. Washer and dryer
2. Dishwasher
3. Allows dogs
4. Allows painting
5. Disposal in the kitchen sink
6. Bookshelves

For now, I’m contesting myself with finally getting the last two pieces of furniture I wanted and finally hanging some pictures and things on the walls.

Part of my motivation is that we’re having company the next two weekends (cousins the first, a friend from Nebraska the second), and you know how I get with wanting to impress people.

So I guess I’ll temper the obsession with blogs and surface changes until we get a place we can actually leave a mark on. Anyone have a blog to recommend? (Don’t say Apartment Therapy. Obviously I know that one.)