The nesting continues

Hooooo-boy! Can I just tell you how psyched I am about the changes the hubster and I have been making to our apartment?

I mean, it’s not like we’re ripping out teeny, tiny, practically useless cabinets (bitter much?) or painting our bland white walls (yup, bitter much), but ya’ll know me, so you know I’m going to find whatever way I can to put a personal touch on our little blank palette.

I posted a few pics on my Twitter (Whaaaat? You don’t follow me? Then how will you bask in my brilliance ’round the clock? Tell me, how?? Right this wrong here.), but I’m saving the Big Picture Post for when the place is perfect. Or at least until we get to a point where Joey starts giving me the “really? Another picture frame?” look. (It’s only a matter of time.)


Does anyone else get a little gun-shy when it comes to hanging things on the walls? I mean, I made our wedding guest book a poster so we could hang it in our home one day. I’ve had a box of about 12 frames from Target sitting in my living room for over a week. I WANT TO HANG THINGS. But there’s something about actually driving a nail into that virgin white wall that gives me agita.

Well, two nights ago I sucked it up and deflowered the wall. (Yup.) (I’m SO sorry…) I was home alone with only a bag of frozen pasta for dinner, a Jersey Shore episode I needed to catch up on, 12 frames, a hammer, and about 100 nails. There was really only one direction this could go.

The first nail is the hardest. (Yeesh, will this metaphor die?) After that, I just kept telling myself, There’s no going back. Now FINISH it! I actually hung about three pictures before realizing it was 9:45 on a Monday night and I should probably not be hammering walls in my tiny apartment complex.

Last night I finished the job in the living room. We now have a lovely little picture frame collage over the couch (though I think it could use some filling out on the sides…more on that later) and we FINALLY hung the guest book in the hallway. It all looks pretty dern adorable, but I’m probably a little partial. But if I can’t be partial on my own blog, what is this country coming to?

The plan for the rest of the week (and by that, I mean “Thursday night.” Because then our company arrives. Ohhh procrastination…) is to FINALLY get the server we bought for our dining room (we were supposed to get it Monday. Alas, it had apparently been dropped off the truck multiple times and was in such bad condition they wouldn’t give it to us…). With the new piece acquired, I will be able to organize the dining room once and for all.

In terms of decor, I purchased four large posters of vintage advertisements in various shades of blue and green. Two of them are for the dining room, two for the kitchen. I sort of made a mistake when I ordered them and got 24×36-inch posters, not realizing how freaking giant that is until we went to procure frames to fit them. But now that I think about it, I’m kind of excited to see the oversize prints on the wall. Happy accident.

Once the dining room is straightened up, I should technically focus on getting the bedroom in perfect condition, but let’s face it. No one sees the bedroom except Joey and me. So if it doesn’t happen this week, I will gladly turn a blind eye (and keep the door closed).

Keep an eye out Thursday night for some major pictorial evidence of how lovely our apartment is.