“Don’t forget your booties cuz it’s COLD out there!”

You guys. I’m so excited.

Here’s a hint why:

Here’s another one:

Ok, last hint:

WE’RE GOING TO ICELAND! (Yes, I know anyone who follows me on Twitter already knows. I’m my own spoiler.)

But seriously, I can’t wait. Joey and I are going in February with one of my biffles to the max, Jessica, and her husband, Mikey (who we also love).

We used a deal on Travelzoo (can I just tell you how many I times I have to hold myself back from buying 10-day guided tours of India and other crazy places on there?). I, for one, and happy just to finally get to actually do one of those tempting tours. (Get alliteration’d.)

OUR tour is four days (well, technically three), but the most exciting day is Saturday, when we’re going on an all-day glacier tour to see the Northern Lights (!!!). Dream. Come. True.

There is also, apparently, a free lobster soup dinner. I guess it’s a local thing. They literally mention it on every page when you’re booking the trip. So this better be some bomb-diggity soup. (Travel makes me use outdated phrases?)

We embark on February 16th, so I have some time to get (even more) psyched up. Plus, you know, find one of those hats.

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