Between jobs

Hopefully the revelation of my last post didn’t leave too many of you reeling. Actually, those of you who know me in person were probably not that shocked at all.

Anyway, I’m going to proceed as if we are all well adjusted, so if you’re not, maybe wait until tomorrow to read this.

I’m going to have two weeks between ending my current position and starting the new, and I’ve decided to look at it as an abbreviated summer break. Here’s what I plan to accomplish on my summer fall vacation:

1. Cleaning. I want to get the apartment absolutely perfect. The fact has not evaded me that I still owe you an apartment tour post. Things got a little crazy for a while, and it’s just not exactly right yet, but I promise. Soon.

2. Sewing. Remember all those old goals for self betterment I used to make? Well, there’s one thing I have literally always wanted to know how to do but never learned. Here’s a hint:


Bought that pretty little baby on Craigslist. And during fall break, I intend to learn how to use it. There’s got to be a few tutorials on YouTube, right?

3. Out with the old. This sort of goes with cleaning, but I’m also going to go through ALL of our clothing and donate anything we don’t wear. Things are getting a little crowded, plus then I can acquire some new fall duds without feeling guilty. Win-win!

That’s it for now. I mean, obviously there will be more marathon training, catching up on sleep, and buying a car, as well, but those you already knew about.

And as always, I’ll keep you updated on the progress.