Decor and Dinner

Well, well, well. I think we can all consider my fear of being unproductive on my fall break a big fat waste of worry. Because, today? Well, today, ladies and gentlemen, I killed it.

The day started around 8:00 a.m. when I had to drop Joey off at work (and I think I speak for both of us when I say the 6:00 a.m. wake-up call was not missed).

Then I made a run to A.C. Moore, where I dropped off a letterpress sign to be framed and picked up some hooks to hang the dining room frames.

Next, I went to Target for a little book shelf and some organizing materials.

Then, I hit up the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Can we just talk about this place for a second? I already knew that I loved Goowill for home supplies, but Salvation Army (at least the one by me) takes the cake in terms of furniture. I found the coolest mid-century Danish modern-stye china cabinet. Ugh. It broke my heart to leave it there. But it did get a large gold mirror, a gold frame that I’m going to turn into a jewelry display, and four wool skirts. (Um, hi. My fall shopping is basically done.)


Next, I made quick stops at the fabric store for dress-making materials and couldn’t resist running into Marshall’s, where I picked up a $7 sweater dress and a jewelry hanger. (Obviously I’m on a kick to organize my jewelry.

Besides picking up supplies for multiple projects you can expect to see along the way, I also actually accomplished a few tasks yesterday. Including:

1. Finally hanging the pictures in the dining room.



2. Finally hanging a curtain I found at Goodwill for the kitchen. (The picture looks a little dingy — ah the trials of using your phone’s camera — but you just have to trust me; I don’t know why, but this makes me unreasonably happy to look at every day.)


3. Starting to pick up the dining room and living room.

(Sorry, no photo until it’s done.)

4. Beginning a “dressing table” project in the bedroom. Here’s an in-progress shot:


So here is The List as it stands:

1. Hang pictures in the dining room (yup, that was real)
2. Find places for the things that are currently living in the corners of the dining room
3. Organize “office” area of the living room
4. Clean off the top of the coffee table and the basket underneath
5. Clean entire living room
6. Shake out living room rug again (side note: We did this before my cousins’ visit, and it was actually kind of weird how much junk came fluffing out. To be fair, we didn’t shake it when we got it, so it was probably a lot of manufacturer’s dust.)
7. Go to Michael’s (actually went to A.C. Moore)  and have this really cool little poster I bought online (more on that later) matted and framed. (It’s a weird rectangular shape, so this will probably have to be custom.)
8. Finish frame collage above the couch (including the aforementioned poster, another picture in a frame I got at Goodwill, and a Ray LaMontagne poster I actually have yet to select…)
9. Organize shelves in the bathroom
10. Go through ALL my clothes and get rid of everything that I don’t wear/doesn’t fit.
11. Do likewise with Joey’s clothes.
12. Clean off nightstands <One is done.
13. Find a place for everything that’s in that room, even if it’s Goodwill
14. Organize the hall closets
15. Once everything in the house is organized, scrub everything down
16. Learn to sew
17. Create a runner for the dining room table
18. Sew a dress for the Mad Men Feast
19. Mail my sister’s really overdue shower gift that I’ve had for literally months
20. Buy a car. Love it forever.

Welp, it felt like more things. Oh well. Guess I better get crackin’ today! See you tomorrow for everything I finish today whilst trapped at home without a car. (All the more reason to accomplish number 20…)


P.S. And in the interest of total disclosure, those of you who saw my Tweet last night about finally conquering my fears (well, at least intimidation) of cooking meat and potatoes (I usually cook fish, sometimes chicken, and lots of pastas and veggies) should know that…well…there’s probably a good reason why I’m afraid of these things. Despite following the recipes I found, neither dish really turned out. I attempted meatloaf and roasted red potatoes. The only thing I can figure out that I messed up was not using very lean beef for the meatloaf. (I was trying to use up three pounds of ground beef I had on hand, which is why I even came up with the idea of attempting it). The loaf kept dripping fat into the oven, which started smoking, which set off the smoke alarm multiple times. Even after I put a pan under it to catch the grease, it was still a smoky mess. The potatoes probably would have been fine with more cooking, but it got to the point that I didn’t even want to turn the oven on. Some of them were salvaged to be microwaved to complete later.

The meat loaf was a disaster though. The fatty meat didn’t really solidify. We ended up dumping it near our unit’s dumpster for the herd of wild cats that live around us to enjoy. It was easily my most disastrous meal ever. First day as a housewife and couldn’t even hack a meatloaf. Womp.

It will probably be a while before I attempt it again, but at least I can learn from my mistakes? Anyway, time to clean. See ya tomorrow!

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  1. During meat loaf emergencies, always remember the Department of Homeland Security Guideliness: CALL MOM.

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