Dust, sweat, and cars

Ok, so obviously yesterday’s post (about Wednesday) did not happen.  Long story short, I cleaned the bedroom, re-dusted everything (oh my GOD does the dusting never end? I swear I turn around and things I dusted five minutes ago are dusty again. Ugh…housewives got it rough, yo.) As for yesterday, interestingly enough, the story why starts and ends with a car. So let’s begin, shaaaaallll we?

Yesterday, Joey kindly decided to let me use his car for the day, as long as I was able to pick him up for lunch. Naturally I agreed. (We’re kind of dorks, but we get weirdly excited when we get to see each other in the middle of a week day. Ah, young love…amiright?)

After dropping him off, I went out in service for an hour or so with my buds Jess and Heather, then skipped off to the post office to mail my sister’s wedding shower gift (you’re welcome, sis and future bro-in-law), along with some other mail that needed to go out.

It turns out that Joey got out work early yesterday because he has to work until nine tonight (ugh), so I went to pick him up around one. The plan was to go to a bank to see about a car loan, stop by his parents’ house so he could fix their computer, snag lunch, and start CAR SHOPPING.

So, we proceeded to do all those things. (Loan? Qualified. Computer? Well, it turns out something didn’t fit correctly, but he did all he could ***Edit: Apparently he DID fix the computer, the thing that didn’t fit was a separate issue. Lunch? Eaten.)

The first dealership we stopped at because it had good reviews online. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any white Civics, and as you may recall, those are literally my only two requirements.

Next it was off to a dealership where I had spotted a great little car on Cars.com. The car was still available, and still quite cute. We looked it over, took it for a test drive, and basically I fell in love. I mean, how can you not love that face?


Sexy, right? I’ve already named him Benny. (For some reason, whenever you tell a boy your car is a boy, they get weirdly old-fashioned about all cars being female. It’s a bizarre phenomenon. Like, we all know that cars don’t actually have sexes, right? Besides, he looks like a Benny.)

SO anyway. I count that as a success. And now I’m really looking forward to turning 25 so my car insurance will be cheaper. Yes, I am much more cheap than I am vain.

Of course, I know what you’re all waiting for, so here is the current list:

1. Hang pictures in the dining room (yup, that was real)
2. Find places for the things that are currently living in the corners of the dining room
3. Organize “office” area of the living room
4. Clean off the top of the coffee table and the basket underneath
5. Clean entire living room
6. Shake out living room rug again (side note: We did this before my cousins’ visit, and it was actually kind of weird how much junk came fluffing out. To be fair, we didn’t shake it when we got it, so it was probably a lot of manufacturer’s dust.)
7. Go to Michael’s (actually went to A.C. Moore)  and have this really cool little poster I bought online (more on that later) matted and framed. (It’s a weird rectangular shape, so this will probably have to be custom.)
8. Finish frame collage above the couch (including the aforementioned poster, another picture in a frame I got at Goodwill, and a Ray LaMontagne poster I actually have yet to select…)
9. Organize shelves in the bathroom
10. Go through ALL my clothes and get rid of everything that I don’t wear/doesn’t fit.
11. Do likewise with Joey’s clothes.
12. Clean off nightstands
13. Find a place for everything that’s in that room, even if it’s Goodwill
14. Organize the hall closets
15. Once everything in the house is organized, scrub everything down
16. Learn to sew
17. Create a runner for the dining room table
18. Sew a dress for the Mad Men Feast
19. Mail my sister’s really overdue shower gift that I’ve had for literally months
20. Buy a car. Love it forever.

Not bad, eh? And I’ve still got a week to go. For now, we’re heading upstate with Brett and Heather to do some serious fall-themed activities (horseback riding, watching the leaves changing, shootin’ guns — for realz). I’ll be back with pictures on Monday. (Which is also the day Benny comes home!)

Have a good weekend, lovies!