Catching up

Eh heh…hey there. Have you lost weight? Haircut? Whatever you’re doing, you look fantastic. It’s so good to see you.

In other words…sorry for being a flake. Turns out that going on vacation and starting a new job that doesn’t require time on the train is bad for the blog. Guess we found the first positive thing about the LIRR.

Rather than get into the nitty gritty of how I spent my remaining time as a housewife, I’m just going to show you the final list:

1. Hang pictures in the dining room (yup, that was real)
2. Find places for the things that are currently living in the corners of the dining room<I started this…didn’t finish.
3. Organize “office” area of the living room
4. Clean off the top of the coffee table and the basket underneath
5. Clean entire living room
6. Shake out living room rug again (side note: We did this before my cousins’ visit, and it was actually kind of weird how much junk came fluffing out. To be fair, we didn’t shake it when we got it, so it was probably a lot of manufacturer’s dust.)
7. Go to Michael’s (actually went to A.C. Moore) and have this really cool little poster I bought online (more on that later) matted and framed. (It’s a weird rectangular shape, so this will probably have to be custom.)
8. Finish frame collage above the couch (including the aforementioned poster, another picture in a frame I got at Goodwill, and a Ray LaMontagne poster I actually have yet to select…)
9. Organize shelves in the bathroom
10. Go through ALL my clothes and get rid of everything that I don’t wear/doesn’t fit.
11. Do likewise with Joey’s clothes.
12. Clean off nightstands
13. Find a place for everything that’s in that room, even if it’s Goodwill
14. Organize the hall closets
15. Once everything in the house is organized, scrub everything down
16. Learn to sew
17. Create a runner for the dining room table
18. Sew a dress for the Mad Men Feast
19. Mail my sister’s really overdue shower gift that I’ve had for literally months
20. Buy a car. Love it forever.

So…obviously I didn’t do everything. But to be honest, the purpose of the list was more to make sure I did SOMETHING instead of sitting on my butt and watching Bravo all day. (Which I could have TOTALLY done.)

In other news, started the new job, and things seem to be going well so far. There have already been a lot of opportunities to be creative, and we’re updating a website that I will basically be in charge of, which will be pretty fun to maintain.

Plus, and I really don’t want to brag, but they’re giving me an iPhone. So… yeah.

I want to give you a better post about my sister’s wedding, but I don’t have pictures and stuff on me. I’ll work on it for later this week.

Anyways, sorry for the delay, and I promise to be back to normal soon.