Rush rush rush

GORSH, who else is tired of hearing bloggers apologize for irregular posting? I mean, unless you are getting PAID to do this (in which case, come on. I hate you enough without you leaving me hanging for five days), then let’s just accept it’s a hobby and move on.

That being said, no more apology posts. EVER. Sorry I’m NOT sorry.

Moving. On.

The biggest difference between taking the LIRR and driving to work (besides EVERYTHING) is that I have to pay attention during my commute.

I’ll clarify.

On the train, you are literally doing everything you can NOT to be aware of your surroundings. Sure, a 700-pound gentleman is practically sweating on you as he drinks beer out of a paper bag, but YOUAREPLAYINGANGRYBIRDSANDLOOKINGOUTTHEWINDOWANDNOTNOTICINGHIMLALALALA…

In the car, if you do that you are dead.

Obviously, the car comes with eight million other positives that outweigh the “oh darn, I have to notice what’s going on around me” negative. But it’s funny how now I have to make an active point of checking Facebook. Or, you know, blogging.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve been trying to think of ways to make my commute more productive. My friend Dana uses her commute to learn Spanish, so right now “learn new language” is at the top of my list. Is there anything else? How do you spend your rush hour time?