First Week Check Up

I survived. (The first week of my new job, that is.)

Here are my musings about it thus far:

Speak! Good doggy. In other words, I’ve been trying to be more outspoken. Not in like a “I’m not mean, I’m honest” kind of way. More like, “I have the word ‘specialist’ in my title for a reason” kind of way.

The way I see it, my job didn’t exist before, and as far as I can tell, no one really has a specific idea what it is I’m supposed to do. So if I tell them that I should do something, I’m about 8 billion times more likely to get to do that thing.

Plus, I know a thing or two about online media. And I can throw around fancy acronyms like CSS and SEO and CMS. So…yeah.

The point is, so far my “I know what I’m talking about” attitude seems to be working because my ideas (and even a couple of criticisms) have been taken seriously, considered, and even caused a few big whigs to make some changes in plans.

Basically, I’m KIND of a big DEAL.

Baby of the family. Let’s put it this way: I’m not NOT the youngest person within a hundred foot radius. (Probably farther.) That being said, there are a couple of people around me that are in their early 30s. And I will TAKE it.

When I worked at The Knot, the layout of the office was fairly open and people talked to each other all the time. Work Annie and I used to ramble all day about whatever was on our brains. (Aw who else missed Work Annie?? She was totally one of my favorite parts of that job.) At the last gig, I had NO ONE to talk to except when my kind-of-awkward boss would call me to his office for our daily chats. (God that sounds like code for sexual harassment…I swear, he really just wanted to hear every single day what I planned to work on or was working on or had worked on. It was maddening, considering he was the one who gave me assignments and knew for a fact I didn’t have anything to work on.) Basically, I sat alone in my cube and went to lunch alone and then went home alone. It’s as sad as it sounds.

At the new job, I sit next to my supervisor, B. (I’m going to call him B because, YOU GUESSED IT! His name starts with B. Congrats, Sherlock, you cracked the code.) The only problem is that there’s this awkward little half wall between our desks. It’s not tall enough that you can’t see each other when you stand up, but it’s not short enough to chat from a seated position. So to speak, one of us has to peek over the wall like a puppet. I’ve just been emailing him to avoid the weird, “Yoo-hoo!” moment, but Thursday he called me out on that being awkward too. So…puppet it is.

But at least I have people to eat lunch with! Speaking of which…

Nom nom nom. I get a salad for $3.50. As in, LESS THAN FOUR DOLLARS. I mean, y’all know I love my Chop’t salad, but I did NOT love the $12 price tag.

I’m sure at some point I will venture outside for lunch…someday. When a less-than-$4 lunch is less exciting.

It may be a while.

Additionally, today I learned that there is free breakfast on Fridays, and yesterday I partook in the free gym.

So all in all, positive things! I’m doing fun things and getting to actually have input on big projects that I will be mostly in charge of at some point. And I actually care about what I’m working on, which is the best change so far from the old gig. It helps to like what you do. Who knew?

See ya next week!