Driving thoughts

So, in case you were wondering, I’m usually home from work at about 5:30 these days.


I’m getting used to the commute. The hubs gave me a cord last night that allows me to plug my iPod into Benny, and I finally got around to downloading the music that Susan regularly sends to my inbox, so this morning’s drive was blissfully free of the radio.

Does anyone else hate the radio these days? Seriously, I hate just about every song playing right now. I didn’t used to. But, you know. Radio.

Things I realized this morning thanks to my new tunes:

1. My husband is the best. We keep this lime green magnetic clip on our front door so we can put things there that we can’t forget to take to work with us (we’re both kind of forgetful…I’ve forgotten to bring a check to set up my direct deposit every day for the last seven work days). Last night he gave me the previously mentioned cord for my iPod, and I put it on the coffee table thinking, “Pu-shaw, of course I’ll remember it there! It’s on top of my iPod! How could I forget both things??!”

Joey, however, knew better. As I was halfway out the door (sans iPod AND cord), I noticed that he had clipped the cord in the clip. Causing me to remember the iPod and leave the house with both things. He rules.

2. I love Augustana. My favorite band has officially been Snow Patrol for a while, but now I think it’s a tie. I always love it when one of their songs comes on, but now I’m making it official. Just putting that out there.

3. I am always happier when I can put definitive labels on my life. I like labels. But that’s a post for another time.

4. People in New York are terrible drivers. They just are. I think it’s because NYC used to be a place where there just kind of weren’t traffic laws. And it slowly spread out into the surrounding area. And then even when people were a bit more lawful, it never really stuck. So everyone is just kind of insane. No one signals, people speed and bob and weave into lanes, and you basically have to bully your way in if you want to change lanes yourself. The sad part is I’m pretty sure I will become one of them some day, if only to survive it. (Except for the signaling thing. It’s one of Joey’s pet peeves, and has steadily become one of my pet peeves.)

But anyway. The point is, today’s commute was sponsored by Joey and Susan. Thank you both.