Ok, so this is random, but for some reason I’m obsessing. I was checkin’ out my WordPress analytics for the ol’ blog today, and I saw that a few people had come to my site through another blog. I went to the blog, and it turns out the author had written a very nice little post about me.

Sounds GREAT, right?

Well, it’s only SORT OF great. It’s a Tumblr blog. Which normally I have no issue with, but I can’t figure out who she is or how she found me.

And it’s not even like I take issue with anything she has done. It’s more that I just want to say, “Hey! You’re cool! Thanks for thinking I’m cool (well…maybe not cool, but at least interesting) too! High five!”

That’s probably exactly what I would say to her. But her blog has no comment feature.

So anyway, this is her blog. I guess I’m sort of hoping she’ll see this and comment and we can become blog friends. (Remember? It’s HARD to make friends as a grown up. Without growing a ponytail.)(God, I sound desperate, right? I’m not desperate. Just flattered.)(Yes, apparently I am desperate for flattery.)(I’ve totally scared you off now, haven’t I, mystery blogger? I promise I’m normal.)(Ish.)(I need to get out of these parentheticals.)

So anyway, whoever you are, thanks. That was right cool of you to do.

**EDIT: Gahhhhh my love letter-esque post idea worked! Check the comments to meet my new BFF.