Ok, so this is random, but for some reason I’m obsessing. I was checkin’ out my WordPress analytics for the ol’ blog today, and I saw that a few people had come to my site through another blog. I went to the blog, and it turns out the author had written a very nice little post about me.

Sounds GREAT, right?

Well, it’s only SORT OF great. It’s a Tumblr blog. Which normally I have no issue with, but I can’t figure out who she is or how she found me.

And it’s not even like I take issue with anything she has done. It’s more that I just want to say, “Hey! You’re cool! Thanks for thinking I’m cool (well…maybe not cool, but at least interesting) too! High five!”

That’s probably exactly what I would say to her. But her blog has no comment feature.

So anyway, this is her blog. I guess I’m sort of hoping she’ll see this and comment and we can become blog friends. (Remember? It’s HARD to make friends as a grown up. Without growing a ponytail.)(God, I sound desperate, right? I’m not desperate. Just flattered.)(Yes, apparently I am desperate for flattery.)(I’ve totally scared you off now, haven’t I, mystery blogger? I promise I’m normal.)(Ish.)(I need to get out of these parentheticals.)

So anyway, whoever you are, thanks. That was right cool of you to do.

**EDIT: Gahhhhh my love letter-esque post idea worked! Check the comments to meet my new BFF.

3 thoughts on “*Blushing*

  1. Ok, so hi…it’s the mystery blogger. I swear I have a life outside of the internet.

    Where to start?

    1. I never thought you’d know I was linking back to your blog. Awkward?
    2. I was in the living room on my couch tonight when my roommate came out of her bedroom to let me know she was reading my blog, which linked to your blog, which then talked about my blog.
    3. Now to the important stuff. I found your blog because I’m giving my two weeks notice tomorrow to take a new job. I’ve searched the internet for days for tips about this. What I’ve found is boring, mundane and obvious…write a resignation letter, don’t burn your bridges, make sure to thank the company, don’t brag to your colleagues too much about your new opportunity, blahblahblah…I get it. I’m an adult. At least when it counts. But I also have this impending awkward cloud hanging over me.

    Anyway, today I searched something that contained the phrases “quit your job” and “awkward” and bam,…there you were, explaining exactly what I was feeling. “How could someone know me so well?” I thought… so I started exploring your blog (I was super productive on my last day with my “secret” obviously) …and I found that you are a blogger I want to be. Does this cross the creepy line?

    You are witty and real and I enjoyed taking a peak into your life today…hence why I felt that it should be shared.

    For the record you are cool and interesting. So high five. I went from near sleep on my boyfriend’s shoulder to wide awake-grab the computer-I have a blog friend (?) …once my roommate came out to tell me about this.

    So, if you’re desperate, I guess I’m creepy. But perhaps there’s a new way to define all that in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on your new job, it sounds awesome. And I’m thinking about implementing the clip on the front door….but then I’d have to remember it was there ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • * peek.. and whatever else I couldn’t go back and edit ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a blog before… miss the editing ability of my own post!

      • 1. Not weird at all. I’m not lying, I was super flattered!
        2. Ah-haha…the zany world of interlinking blogs.
        3. I’m so glad it helped! And again, beyond flattered. If I could just walk around wearing a shirt that said “This girl I know thinks I’m witty and real and enjoyable” without being a jerk I totally would.

        But you are officially my new blog friend AND the most recent addition to my google reader. Nice to meet you!

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