Makeovers and making friends

Well, well, well. Yesterday was certainly a big day for the blog, wasn’t it? (Not sure what’s up with all these skeptical italics. I’m in a weird mood. Per usual.)

Not only did I find out that a stranger had re-blogged me, I THEN discovered it was after finding me through, of all things, Google. THEN she left a comment that contained what may quite literally have been the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. (Well, Joey has said nicer things to me. But it would be weird if you told me I was the best thing that ever happened to you.) Anyways, her name is Stacey, and we’re going to be friends because we’re both awkward and appreciate how that quality makes us normal, not weird. (Ish.)

And on top of THAT excitement, I made over the blog. And who doesn’t love a makeover? (If you’re viewing this on your phone or Google Reader, do me a solid and just go to the proper URL to at least see my handiwork. You don’t have to comment, I just need to believe this is something people will at least notice.)

I moved the right-hand column to the left, but I haven’t decided if it’s staying there. It might be too much change for me at once, ya know? Anyone have strong thoughts about that either way? (By “strong,” I really mean slightly more than neutral. I’m not that picky.)

Anyway, I guess the message for Friday is, “I really, really appreciate anyone out there who reads this and I especially appreciate the people who pass it along. You’re an upstanding citizen in my book, and if we ever meet in person, I owe you a high-five.”

This weekend I have two parties (gawd, I’m like, so popular!) and a sewing session with Heather. (Side note! Heather has started her own blog, though, fair warning, it’s all about a wife getting into WOW to better relate to her husband and it includes a lot of gamer terms, so it may not be your thing. I just like to promote my friends, ya know?)

Here’s to new blogs, new looks, and new friends!