Dream House Dreaming

I’ve been thinking a lot about the house I would like someday to own. (Ok, it’s more of an on-going thought, obviously. I blame Pinterest.) I feel like I just need to get it out once and for all in written words and shoot it out into the universe so I can move on until I am actually in a position to own a home.

So here it is, Justine’s Dream Home Checklist.

1. I don’t want an especially big house. You know what big houses need? Lots of cleaning. And maintenance. And stuff to fill them. Not into it. I don’t like lots of stuff. (Which is why my apartment’s current messy state is driving me crazy. How is it never really clean?) I would like two bedrooms (I guess three wouldn’t be awful in case we had a baby and still wanted a guest room, or we could just put a pull out couch in the…), office with one full wall of bookshelves, a big living room, a kitchen, a dining room (or at least that living room better be big enough for a dining area), a laundry room (or area), and two bathrooms.

2. In the kitchen, I want a big island with the range on the island. At the very least, I want something like this:

(Via Pinterest)

With the big counter looking out into the eating area? Great for entertaining? Questions, comments, concerns? Big cabinets are also good. (And a disposal, of course.)

3. Lots of closet/storage space. I always stare at our dining room now (um…no one else stares at empty rooms? Moving on…) and wish we could make one whole wall of it built-in storage. It would be so awesome! And we would finally have a place to keep toilet paper bought in bulk and extra glasses and serving pieces and whatnot. So I want that in the someday house.

I also have this idea to make one wall of the bedroom a closet. I hate things being squished into deep closets. I like everything spread out so you can see it. Like this:

Or this:

(Both via Pinterest here and here.)

But really more the first one because I’d like to be able to close the doors. Sliding doors would probably be better to save space, even though I hate sliding doors on principle (they ALWAYS get off the tracks and are just cumbersome and blah blah blah). It would also have some kind of dressing table in the middle with a big pretty mirror like that second image. Obviously I put a lot of thought into this.

4. Convenient and functional entry way. I’ve just accepted that our current entryway is no good for the way we live our lives. My husband tends to just do this thing where he walks in the door and explodes (not literally, of course), shedding his shoes, keys, wallet, mail as he makes his way to the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/wherever he needs to go. And I tend to drop my handbag on the nearest surface, though I do try to hang up my keys and coat and put my shoes in the closet (which is a whole other nightmare, thus the dream above).

We need some sort of solid organizational system, preferably in a mud room (slash laundry room!). I really like the look of this:

(Via Pinterest…of course)

Gah that picture just makes me feel more serene. Picture it facing a washer and dryer. Dreamy, right? Even if that room got cluttered, it would help keep the living room neater. (What? You want to see my idea of a dream living room? Well, check it out.)

And if I’m really dreaming, I also love the look of white or tan houses with black roofs and scarlet front doors.

Naturally, I have even more specific ideas about what I want than what’s even written here. If that kind of thing interests you, feel free to follow me on Pinterest (where I obviously spend too much time). WHAT? You don’t have an account? Leave me a message and I’ll send you an invite. You WILL thank me.

2 thoughts on “Dream House Dreaming

  1. I wish I had more closet space and less “open” space. My 1BR apartment is HUGE in comparison to the 2BR I shared with Mandi in Astoria. But it’s always a mess because the small amount of “stuff” I do have has no where else to go.

    Also, I still haven’t gotten a dining table. My excuse is that I need the space for my yoga mat until marathon training is over. (But REALLY, I live alone. Why would I want to drop over $100 on it when I can spend it on new shoes and happily eat dinner on the couch and coffee table???)

  2. So i never leave comments on here because we all know that I’m electronically mentally challenged, but I have to say this website seems fabulous, I want in! Oh and we share a commonality of loving white houses with black roofs with scarlet front doors.

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