It would be cute if I was a dog.

I think I need a haircut.

My hair is getting full-on Rapunzel these days (as in, the ends reach my rib cage). Like, I like to pretend that it looks like this:

Via Pinterest

But sometimes I’m worried it really looks more like this:


Which is just too much, yaknow?

I’m kind of into leaving it longish just because it’s in decent shape and who knows when old age will kick in and steal my (hair) youth, but I definitely need a solid two-inch trim if only to get the dead stuff off.

In other news, I had a triple grande latte and my one Starbucks pumpkin scone of the season (the calories/fat grams are too ridiculous for me to eat more than one, but it’s too delicious to go without completely) this morning, and I’m sort of sugar/caffeine buzzing.

Let’s DO this, work day!

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