That is my feeling about today. In its entirety.

Let’s start with the basics. It’s raining/misting/Nature is having her period today. You simply can’t wake up without sun. I have no idea how people function in Alaska. Hats off to you.

Plus, I didn’t have coffee this morning. We’re out of creamer at home, so I’ve been buying coffee almost every morning. This is a dangerous habit to fall into (not unlike crystal meth). So I had this valiant thought as I got ready this morning that I would just bring tea and make it at work.

Welp, it’s NOT the same, folks. NOT THE SAME AT ALL.

Thirdly, my attire is less than…ambitious. I mean, I’m wearing a black pencil skirt and my (faux) pearls. But then I went and topped the whole thing with a straight up flannel shirt. Business on the bottom, lumberjack on the top. And the “pencil skirt” is actually a black denim business from Gap a million years ago. So…weak.

I think when I was putting it together I had this thought of, “Oh, it will be charming and Anthropologie-esque!” But now I’m just like….lumberjack/hipster in a corporate setting. Wah.

But let’s get down to brass tacks, shaaaalllll we? The thing that is really throwing me off is that I’m wearing my glasses today. And not even my professionalish small frames. I’m wearing what I lovingly refer to as my Grandpa Glasses because they are a million times more comfortable than the other pair. They’re a little big and a lot wonderful. But unlike elbow patches, not really a grandpa trend I see taking off.

The problem is that my eyes have been KILLING me lately. So dry. And while allergies played a part, it’s really the contacts that are the culprit. I may have to spring for the pricey Oasis contacts next time. And MAN are they expensive.

I was supposed to get LASIK surgery the year before I moved to New York, but it turns out my pupils are too big for LASIK. Is that not the most bogus thing you’ve ever heard? I call it the Disney Princess syndrome. The walk-o-thon is next week.

So, basically, blech. I’m going to the gym after work, so maybe that will snap me out of the funk. Anyone else feel like hibernating today?

3 thoughts on “Mehhhhhh…

  1. Me! Pick me!!

    I’m suffering right along with nature today (yay)! So on top of my already lovely demeanor this week, ICan’tFindTheKeysToMyCar/House/Life. And, after spending a ridiculous amount of time searching everywhere this morning, and I do mean everywhere (fridge, mailbox, pantry…) I still came up empty-handed.

    Thank goodness for a spare set of car keys so I could get to work. Late. I was a real joy on my commute this morning. What? You think you’re going to cut me off? I dare you. Just try it. Ohhh f**K, you’re doing it? Really?! Ugh. You’re lucky we’re moving right now.

    My whole day has been thrown off now and I have this compulsive need to find my keys, yet I’m stuck far away from them for hours upon hours. I keep looking around at work like I might spot them. Which is ridiculous of course.

    Now, back to you: Tea has nowhere near the power of coffee. I’ve certainly tried to make it work, so I feel your pain. Love the business on the bottom/lumberjack on the top reference. Definitely needed that giggle today. Have you gotten a second opinion on LASIK? Third? Forth? I got it almost three years ago now and it is the best money I’ve ever spent. Not to rub it in or anything.

    Ok, there I feel better already. Hope your day starts to turn around!

  2. I want to hibernate til I get a job! I have a giant zit scab pain on my right cheek, it took me over an hour to get to the gym and I just ate too much in one sitting. Lol that was fun, there should be a vent place everyday where people just get all the negative crap out and then the world would be much happier!

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