New thangs.

Remember way back when I had plans to finish the photo collage above my couch? I had the one thing professionally framed? Well, I finally got it back yesterday.

First of all, can I just say how freaking expensive professional framing is? I had wanted to get it matted to, but there was simply no way to have matting AND keep the price under $100. And that was WITH a 55% discount. Ridiculous. If anyone ever wants to get me a gift, buy me some A.C. Moore gift cards so I can do some framing. Because that would be a gift I would use.

Anyway, the point is, it turned out adorable.


So cute, right? (Want one? GET YOUR OWN!)

I’ll post more photos once it’s hung up with the others. I really need to buy nicer picture frames anyway, but I’m trying not to spend money this month. It’s no fun.

Apparently my addiction to making over my home isn’t confined to my apartment. As you know, I’ve been making a lot of design tweaks to the ol’ blog. Yesterday I rounded it out with a new badge (that you can share on your own blog lolz!!!111) and a new Twitter follow icon. And I learned how to do all that with a simple Google search.

Nerd FTW.

I also rearranged the widgets, but that probably not noticeable to anyone who HASN’T spent a solid hour nudging things around (AKA anyone who isn’t me).

Then, in a flurry of redesigning fervor, I hopped over to the ol’ (neglected) “professional page” I created and gave that a little shine up too.

They match! Adorbs, right? Well, at least my resume page is updated.

At least this kind of redecorating doesn’t cost me anything.