Oh happy day

Morning, lovelies! I am in a great mood today. Why? Well, let me tell you!

First, I found my wedding necklace last night. Remember this pretty thing?

I literally have not been able to find it since we got back from our honeymoon, oh, six months ago. The only thing keeping me from freaking out was my near certainty that it was buried somewhere in the apartment. I even had this vague, dream-like memory of sticking into some kind of bag and thinking, “Yes, this will be a safe way to store this.” And then promptly forgot where this “safe place” was.

In short, I’m an idiot.

Well, last night I decided to buckle down and root out the sucker if it killed me. Fortunately, it really only took looking in about four places. Turns out I had decided the Coach bag looked the safest. Brilliant.

The point is, it’s found and happily mine, and I’m even wearing it today. Go me.

The second thing that’s making me happy? Well, I should start by telling you that I’m currently on a train en route for the city.

I know what you’re thinking: WiggaWHA?!?

And trust me, no one is more surprised than I am. But my reason for venturing back into Manhattan is tri-fold, two of which are exciting.

The first exciting thing is this: I’m going to be in Glamour magazine.

Crazy, right? I can’t disclose the specifics, but suffice to say I had to write a little essay to be selected, and I did, and I was.

I’m planning to post my little essay here after the article comes out, just because I’m not sure if they’ll use any of it. And, you know, don’t wanna scoop myself (or Glamour). You might have to wait a bit, though, because the article is for the January issue. Ahh magazine schedules…

I’m also going into the city for a work thing. Less exciting, but still a nice change of scenery.

And thirdly, I’m going into the city to see a reading of my friend Kevin‘s musical murder mystery. He wrote, scored, and directed it. It’s just as impressive as it sounds.

The hubster is actually coming into the city to meet me for the third thing, so we’ll make a nice little date night out of it. And you KNOW I love an excuse for a date night.

So there you have it. All the reasons I’m in a good mood. Here’s hoping the day lives up to the hype!

12 thoughts on “Oh happy day

  1. I just got unreasonably excited to see your wedding picture because I saw the year text in the background! I have browsed through your blog and thought “Oh, I like her! We have crap in common! I will need to add this blog url to my bookmarks folder!” and then… THEN. Could it be true that you’re also a Witness!? If so, we need to immediately become best friends and braid each others hair.

    (Don’t judge me for the absolute sorrow that is my blog. I really do intend to update it. I do.)

    • Guilty 🙂 And I am ALWAYS down for some hair braiding. Where you at, sis? (And if you’ve been following my blog, you know I never judge! 😉

      (Although I am kind of judging myself for using two emoticons in one reply comment. What am I, 12?)

      • I actually just found you today via a YHL comment, so I am a brand-new creeper… err.. reader!

        I live in South Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. Moved out here from Indiana because I fell in love with some silly Jersey boy.

        (I use them, too. Mutual shame time. :/)

        Sidenote: After I posted the comment I clicked to see other posts about your wedding and opened up the link to the photographer’s entry with pictures from your day. And the header “Hold You In My Arms” loaded exactly 5 seconds after the song had started playing on WinAmp. Weeeeeeird!

        • Ahh I am a long-time YHL creeper. So glad you found me! And I also moved from the Midwest and ended up falling for an East Coast fella. (Now I tell all of them that if they want a good wife, they should head west. It’s just a fact.)

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