Like me…if you want to.

So…in lieu of ironic self-absorption, I have an announcement.

Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One has it’s own Facebook page!

Yes, I created this after receiving that comment. No, the two were not really connected. It was something I had been planning to do for a while. Yes, I feel a little bit like a tool. But, no, I’m not taking it down.

I actually did hide it from the Facebook mini-feed for a few minutes. But a gchat convo with Susan made me buck up and share with the world. Enjoy:


Me: eeeee
it’s about two hours old
I feel like a tool already
how did you see it?
(just curious)

Susan: it came up on my mini feed
i shall like it

Me: oh man haha
thanks though!
I was hoping I could create it secretly

Susan: haha
own it, girl!
you’re going to be famous one day
with a book deal and all
so you might as well get used to the exposure 🙂

Me: haha makes me feel weird promoting myself. It’s the same reason I hate cover letters
I hid it from the feed
I’m a coward

Susan: justine!

Me: ok, un-hid
you are a good stage mom

Susan: you are the girl that is always telling ME to be BRAVE

Me: I knoooow
I just got rattled by that comment, I think
like, am I really self obsessed?
I try not to be
I just want to someday work from home and have a puppy. Ok, and a book deal.

Susan: Blogs are inherently self-obsessed, as you noted in your response.
It’s about YOU. And, you wouldn’t be writing a blog if you didn’t think you were an interesting, thoughtful person, worthy of attention. There’s nothing wrong with that, blog troll.
I will tell you a story. It was the summer of 08, and I was sitting in on a story-planning Newsweek meeting
and one of the reporters pitched a story that Obama had a big ego. And the editor replied, “The man thinks he should be the next leader of the free world. Of course he has a big ego. That is not a story.”

Me: haha

Susan: I’m just saying; haters are gonna hate. But you’re going to write, people are going to read and enjoy it, and then you can reap the benefits of that.

Me: you’re right. I need to get a thicker skin.

Susan: It’s a very Midwestern trait, I think. We’re groomed to be modest. Especially as girls, I think we struggle with being like “Look at me! I’m awesome!” And, I think that sometimes holds us back.

Yet again, Susan makes excellent points. (She usually does.) I’m not good at out and out saying I’m good at something. I’ve gotten to the point where I can do it, but I always undercut the message with something self-deprecating.

Example: I am really good at Scrabble and Scattegories. But I usually say, “The only two games I’m good at are Scrabble and Scattegories.”

The message is, “Listen, I know I’m not good at much, but…”

Why do I do that?

Because, potential blog trolls of the world, I’m not self-obsessed. And I really don’t like portraying myself or being portrayed that way.

But the fact is, I’m proud of my little blog. I never would have guess that it would grow to what it has, and I guess I’m ready for some more exposure. (Eek!)

So, if you feel so inclined, like me on Facebook. And maybe tell your friends.

I’ll sure be awful grateful if you did.

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