Things I like

“My husband and I don’t have a great ‘meeting’ story. We met in a conventional way and had a conventional wedding. And in some sense, we lead a conventional life.

But my husband has seen me at my worst, at my most vile. And he has seen me at my best. He knows the things I don’t tell anyone, and the lies that I tell everyone but him. I have made sacrifices for him and been angry about it. Sometimes his flaws are so egregious, so blatant, they are all I see. And sometimes his kindness is so stunning that I am humbled.

And that’s love. Big, epic, fairy-tale love. The kind of love people write about.”

I really, really enjoyed this story. Thought you all might too.

6 thoughts on “Things I like

  1. Blogs should have a facebook “like” feature for lazy commenters like myself. I have nothing more to add, other than I liked this.

  2. Okay, so this is funny. I read that column every week & read this one & groaned almost the entire time, BUT when I read that excerpt out of context…I really appreciated it. Thanks for showing me that there was some reason that it got published in NYT in between my groans.

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