On longevity

“On a better note, we’ve been married about three Kardashian wedding lengths.”


I could make that…right?

So…I’m pretty sure an entire fourth grade class somewhere got assigned a project on narwhals yesterday. If not, there’s is just no explanation for over FIVE HUNDRED views that post got yesterday. (Well, except the fetish thing…) The blog itself got over SEVEN hundred views. I’m thrilled and stunned at the same time.

The sad part is that I know it’s a fluke, so today’s numbers will be nowhere near as impressive. (Unless a few of those fourth graders are procrastinators!)

Last night, I kept making Joey play “Guess How Many Views I Have NOW!” I think the game was more fun for me than it was for him.

Anyway, moving on. Just had to get that out of my system. Wowie.

For any of you who have recently found the blog due to a narwhal search, welcome! (And hopefully you’re not a sicko.) If you care to shed some light on why so many people searched “narwhals” yesterday, I’d surely be obliged.

*EDIT*** Apparently narwhals were trending on Yahoo yesterday? So random. Oh well, guess that clears THAT up!

In other news.

Does anyone else read blogs or go on Pinterest and just feel like an absolute loser for not being able to make things? Or, at the very least, not attempting to make anything?

I’ve decided to be craftier. (A person can just decide that, right?) I have two or three necklaces I want to make. Like this:

I could totally make this.

I’ve downgraded that Mad Men dress to a skirt (the bodice was not coming along well…baby steps. I ended up just buying a super cute dress on Etsy. Photos to come.) but still need to actually make it, and I have a couple of dresses I’ve convinced myself I can alter. Plus, I keep seeing really cute infinity scarves on Pinterest, and I think I could manage that. And I can crochet…and I need a new earmuff/headband thing…and I saw one on Pinterest…so…there you have it.

So what I’m saying is, it shall be the winter of crafting! (I’ve lost what little male audience I had to begin with, haven’t I?)

At the very least, it will give me something to post about. You know, now that I have all those narwhal lovers turning to me for the cold hard facts about the unicorn of the sea. Mmhmm.

Anyone else have crafts on the horizon they want to tackle?