(St)ring theory

I got hit on in Moe’s again.

And whereas the last time I could tell myself that they were just being friendly, this time was a little more blatant. Unless the phrase “get a cup of coffee sometime” doesn’t mean “I’m into you” anymore. I’ve been out of the dating game a while, so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m reading things wrong.

To be fair, the guy was really nice about it. I’m pretty lucky in that I only seem to get asked out by really polite guys. (IDEA! I should start taking their information and create a database of nice guys to introduce to nice girls I know! Million-dollar plan, anyone?) He apologized for interrupting my lunch and asked me to get the aforementioned cup of coffee so we could “get to know each other.”

Naturally, I got awkward, got a case of nervous giggles, and told him he was very nice but I’m married. He returned to his friends waiting outside, and I blushed furiously while wondering if anyone around me had seen. Basically, the same thing that happens to you in middle school minus the “do you like me? check box yes or no” note. And, you know, the marriage excuse.

I don’t know why, but I kind of expected to stop getting hit on after I got married. I mean, I’m walking around with a “I’M NOT AVAILABLE” sign on my finger. It’s not exactly subtle.

Or is it?

I started telling my friend Megan about what had happened, and she related a similar experience where a guy at a work event chatted her up for a while and then asked for her number. Her rings were in plain sight, but the guy seemed painfully oblivious.

People still do the ring check, right? I mean, I know up until I started dating Joey, I still did it. But maybe it’s just a girl thing? Because the guy who asked me out looked genuinely surprised that I was married. Can any of my (albeit few) male readers chime in here?

Or maybe it doesn’t have to do with gender so much as the fact that Megan and I are in our 20s. Are other people in their 20s just assuming that people our age aren’t married yet? If so, that’s just irresponsible.

Anyone else have any theories about this?