Cause I Just. Got. Paid.

Am I the only one who sings the *NSYNC version of “Just Got Paid” in my head literally every time I get paid?

Because I seriously do. I’m not sure what that says about me. (Seriously, though. Click that link up there. You know you want to.)

In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s pay day! Which, not going to lie, is so much more exciting in the new job than it ever has been before. It’s just nice to not be teetering on the poverty line anymore, ya know?

Side note: Did I ever tell you that I once took an online quiz to see if I qualified for food stamps, and I did?(!) I didn’t apply for them, though. I like to think that the people using food stamps don’t have parents to which they can shoot a quick “NEED MONEY FOR FOOD” email and receive a check for $50 and a Starbucks gift card.

Plus, if you can afford coffee, you really shouldn’t be complaining that much.

But anyway, my checking account (and even that long-lost savings account) are much happier these days. This morning, I paid my car payment, put money toward both my credit cards, and put my bi-weekly “allowance” into my savings account. (I have it automatically set up to deposit money into my savings every time I get paid. It was never in my checking account, so I don’t miss it, and I automatically start rebuilding my savings. So responsible, right?)

This is probably admitting another really nerdy thing about me, but I love online banking. I love paying things off and checking my balances and making little calendars of payments. It makes me feel like a grown-up. Probably because, besides the whole “being someone’s wife” thing, it is the most dorkygrown-up thing about me.

So I’m in a good mood. Because I just got paid. Friday ni-eet. Party hoppin’. Feelin’ right.

Ok, so maybe I’m not completely grown up.

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