Remember that time I decided to get all kinds of crafty?

I actually did it! Here’s a sneak at the projects I’ve finished/started:

Knotted Ribbon Bead Necklace:

Original inspiration.

This one was actually really simple. All I did was take a piece of ribbon and alternate knots with gold beads. I even had time to make two. Easy-peasy.

My version.


Plus, see that green necklace? That one is actually more interesting to describe, but I’m making a quick change to it, so you’ll have to wait for the final version.

Next, I made a Ribbon Chain Necklace, which was also quite easy. All I did was wind some ivory ribbon through some chain:


Ignore the gratuitous knee shot.

I even made a bracelet to match.


I’ve also been doing a bit of crocheting (the cold weather brings it out in me), but I’ll save that for another post. (Because I’m aware you can only care so much about how I entertain myself on Saturday afternoons.)

Anyone else getting inspired by the crisp weather?