I was in a car accident

Quick: What is the worst way to start out the morning:

A. Oversleeping
B. Getting in a car accident
C. Awaking one morning from uneasy dreams to find yourself transformed in your bed into a gigantic insect
D. All of the above

Obviously, the answer is D, but B is the only one that happened to me today. (C is just thrown in there to make sure we all keep perspective.)

Welp, I guess it has to happen to everyone sooner or later. I got in a little accident this morning.


To everyone else: Hoo-sha. Seriously, I am okay. It wasn’t even that scary because it happened pretty quickly and then it was over. (That’s what she said.)

Obviously I’m trying to keep in good spirits.

I was about to merge on to the entrance ramp to a highway when a car stopped fairly short in front of me. The area is always really congested, so I wasn’t going very fast and was able to stop. Unfortunately, the car behind me was not so fortunate. (Or, depending how you look at it, I was not so fortunate.)

The real victim here is Benny. Poor, poor Benny. His once gorgeous backside (seriously, baby got back) is now marred with a foot-long crack in the bumper. Le sigh.

Now I have to go get estimates in the next couple of days, see if the guy who hit me would rather pay out of pocket or go through insurance, and then proceed accordingly within five days.

You can tell it wasn’t too serious of an accident because my biggest gripe is how much time all of that is going to take.

In all seriousness, I’m very glad it wasn’t any more traumatic. And I really appreciate all of the texts/tweets/etc. asking if I’m okay. You’re all quite swell in my book.

Can you all please share your own fender-bender stories so I can stop feeling like the universe is picking on me?

12 thoughts on “I was in a car accident

  1. Oh poor baby Benny! His civic family (golden monkey and bluebelle) tell him to feel better soon!

  2. In high school I was t-boned and, the worst of it, had to drive my mother’s minivan to school for a few weeks. Now every time I hear an Ashlee Simpson song I can’t help but think about being perched up so high, yet shameful, as I endlessly searched for a parking spot. So there’s that…

    But mostly I’m glad you’re okay.

  3. Ask for a rental from his insurance company if that is how it is handled. If he pays himself, you could ask for him to cover a rental while it is being repaired, but that might be too costly for him, so up to you whether to push it. Glad you’re not hurt. Being rear ended can happen, (and does), to everyone. Almost happened to me this morning.

  4. bless your heart!! so glad to hear you’re ok!
    I’ve had someone knock into the back of my car before…although no damage..just a scratch.
    However, my mom once flipped her car, so she knows all about some accidents!

  5. In April, my little baby was exactly, to the day, 2 months old when I was rear ended on my way to work. When I looked in my rearview mirror after I felt the bump, I saw the perpetrator take a bite of his breakfast sandwich before getting out of his car to assess the situation. I mean, really? That must’ve been one hell of a sandwich.

    Glad you are okay! It happens to the best of us!!

  6. So the accident is a bummer, but you still found a way to make me laugh. I very recently started following your blog, and I go looking through your posts quite a bit when I need a pick-me-up!

    I was in my first and only accident a few years ago when I was living in Hawaii. I was on the freeway headed for a glorious day at the zoo when a car merged right in front of me and slammed on their breaks like an a-hole! I slammed on my breaks and managed to avoid hitting them, but my friend ended up rear-ending me and totaled her car. I made it out with just a cracked taillight.

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